So here we go with a site about MY 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena, saying MY Ferrari sounds so good, I might have to say it often, MY Ferrari. I will be blogging about owning this magnicifent beast, we will see how long I keep this up, I have done pretty good at keeping it up with my Singer’s and FIAT Dino, but never used blogging software so this is new to me and a major experiment on the best way to do it, things will change often (I hope). For now, the basics is going to be information gathered from the web about 360’s there is nothing here on this site that is not elsewhere and everywhere on the web, other then my blog.

My Ferrari 360 Modena

That is MY car a long time ago when registered in Calif. believe it or not I got this image from a japanese website. Some Japanese tourist must have thought it was a great car and took pics (luckily he also kept track of the VIN so I could find the pics). I pick it up on Sat. April 21, 2012 and drive it home from Phoenix to S. Calif. Kind of scary to buy a car that you have never seen before. But I do have this video (MOVMPG)which has helped 🙂 she sounds GREAT.